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Private Garden

We offer a full garden maintenance service in Bromley and Orpington. We can attend all year round and keep your garden looking lovely so that you can enjoy it without having to do all the hard work.

We will cut the grass, weed the borders, prune and shape the hedges and bushes and if you have any planting that you want done we can do that too. In the winter we are always very busy clearing up the leaves. We can also paint garden walls, stain fences, clean patios, take down small trees.

Some people call me up and their garden is already well maintained and they just want someone to continue to look after their garden, others have let their garden get out of control and need it completely cleared up to start again. We can do this for you and then continue to maintain it afterwards or we can just offer a one-off service and you can do the maintenance afterwards yourself – whatever suits you best.

A lovely big garden that takes our time and knowledge to maintain. There is plenty of variety in this garden and we take great pleasure in keeping it in prime condition.

Some of the gardens we get called out to are ‘jungles’ and we enjoy reinstating these to proper gardens.


This is an example of one of these gardens:


This particular garden we have maintained on a regular basis over the past few years so our client never has to worry about anything in the garden and can always go out and enjoy it.


Look at the mess that this garden had become with overgrown shrubs taking over the beds mixed up with weeds and long unkempt grass:


and we have transformed it to


This garden had not been maintained for over a year and the lady could not remember what she had in the garden so we gave her a complete transformation


Maybe you don’t want a full garden visit but just want us to do some weeding that you don’t have time to do or don’t want to do. This is a photo of a neglected vegetable patch that was overgrown with weeds, grass and brambles. We completely cleared it and now it looks like this.


This is a photo of where grass had grown into the border as it had not been tended to for a long time and the owners wanted their border back so we took out all the grass and put in a nice sharp border.